Aims Scope

International Journal of Innovation in Enterprise Systems (IJIES) is a peer-reviewed international journal which publishes original articles of significant value in all areas of innovation in Enterprise Systems. The journal covers research articles, research-in-brief, and review articles comprising all discipline related to Enterprise Systems, particularly Information Systems & Technology, and the relevant multidisciplinary domain such as Industrial Engineering and Management. The journal welcomes relevant publishable articles including technical innovation, practical IS adoption, management innovation, etc, which is considered as high valued work in this area.

International Journal of Innovation in Enterprise Systems aims to provide space for academic and practitioner forum of advancement in all fields related to Enterprise systems and its innovation, including:

  1. Information and Computational Engineering
    Area: Data Mining, AI, Pattern Recognition, Big Data, HCI, Engineering Education and training, Database, Information System, Engineering Economy and Cost Analysis, Engineering Education and Training, Information Retrieval, E-business, e-learning, e-government, information systems, IT governance, etc.
  2. Design and System
    Area: SCM, Organizational Learning, Systems Modeling and Simulation, Design of systems, tools, and equipment, Reliability and Maintenance Engineering, System dynamics, Modeling, and Simulation, Decision Support System and Business Intelligence, etc.
  3. Enterprise Design and Management System
    Area: Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise System, Enterprise Application, Enterprise Knowledge Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Enterprise management, etc.
  4. Industrial Safety and Security System
    Area: Safety, Security and Risk Management, Healthcare Systems and Management, Service Innovation and Management, Security of IS Enterprise, Knowledge Management, Organizational Learning, Operations Research, Production Planning and Control, Technology Management, Techno-Economic, Feasibility Analysis, etc.
  5. Economy and e-Business
    Area: Economic of IS, Workflow and transaction in e-Business, Business process analysis and design, etc.