Maintenance System of Universal Goss Printing Machine based on failure data using RCM and RCS method

  • Judi Alhilman
  • Fransiskus Tatas Dwi Atmaji
  • Valinouski Aulia


Over time a machine will get experience a decrease in reliability, causing the engine to be damaged at the time of operation, thus disrupting the production line. To maintain a machine remains reliable then a good maintenance system is required. In this research, we will use Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) and Reliability Centered Spare (RCS) analysis on the critical system of Goss Universal printing machine based on engine failure data. The result of RCM analysis obtained the optimal preventive maintenance schedule and the type of treatment, while based on the RCS analysis obtained spare part needs following the maintenance schedule. With the result of this analysis, is expected where the machine will keep good and will continue to operate without a sudden breakdown under the production schedule's need. Based on RCM analysis for each critical subsystem obtained interval preventive maintenance for transfer roller 127.60 hours, Ink fountain roller 24.45 hours, ink form roller 29.23 hours respectively, and the wash-up device is no scheduled maintenance. For spare parts inventory strategies the result using RCS method are: transfer roller104 units, ink fountain roller requires 32 units, ink form roller 36 units and are holding spare policy required, and a wash-up device no holding spare parts.

Keywords— Failure data, Maintenance System, RCM, RCS

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Alhilman, J., Atmaji, F., & Aulia, V. (2018, July 30). Maintenance System of Universal Goss Printing Machine based on failure data using RCM and RCS method. International Journal of Innovation in Enterprise System, 2(02), 57-62.
Information and Computational Engineering

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